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I was such a fool. I deposed a good queen and replaced her with a petulant child.
— Xicero 

Xicero is a character in Gravity Rush 2. He is the Senate Chancellor of Eto who single-handedly deposed Queen Alua from her rule over one-hundred years ago and betrayed


Before Gravity Rush 2Edit

When he became convinced that Queen Alua's desire to save the world below Eto from the black ocean would doom it, he pushed her off a narrow walkway and left her dangling but not before he added that if she had a Guardian, she could have save herself and that her lack of a Guardian means she did not deserve to be queen. Prior to the fall, Syd intervened and tried to help Alua back up, but Xicero stabbed Syd which resulted in both of them falling, only for Creator Bit who intervened and saved them.

Gravity Rush 2Edit

One-hundred years later, Xicero admitted to Alias that he regrets his decision, having seen that Alua's successor, Cai, is evil and vicious. He planned to help Kat escape the castle but was attacked and mortally wounded by Wolp. Not too long after, he helped her escape the palace.


  • His name may be based on the Roman politician Cicero, who was a member of the Roman consul.



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