Wolp is a Guardian from Gravity Rush 2. It belongs to Cai and grants him the ability to shift gravity.


Wolp first appeared briefly when it was waiting alongside King Cai for Kat and Raven to arrive at the Eto Palace. It appeared again when Cai discovered Chancellor Xicero and Alias's conspiracy in the palace's throne room; Wolp was ordered by Cai to deal with the traitors, which it did by smashing Alias to pieces and then mortally wounding Xicero. Wolp then breathed out a smokescreen when Kat attempted to intervene and stop it, but Wolp and Cai used that opportunity to escape. Later and after Elektricitie's defeat, Wolp was shown again alongside Cai but had gotten absorbed by the Destructive Force, having became a giant, demonic stag monster.


Physical AppearanceEdit

Like other Guardians, Wolp's entire body is pitch black, resembling a starry night sky. Unlike Dusty and Xii, who are modeled after real animals, Wolp is more mythological in appearance. He resembles a stag with large antlers, but also has wings on its back.


Wolp can breathe smokescreens, which it used by command of its owner, Cai, as a stealthily getaway from Kat. Wolp also has antlers, which were strong enough to break Alias apart in one attempt.

In his giant and fused formed with the Destructive Force, he could breathe destructive beams of energy, regenerate any cores that Kat destroyed, and even strip Kat of her shifting abilities.



Wolp existed since before Cai was born and before he ascended to the throne as the king of Eto.[1] Ever since, as with other Guardians, it has been loyal to Cai. Not only does it do what it is told by Cai without any hesitation, but it also comforted Cai when he was mournful from Kat slapping him and him not having his way, showing its care for him.


  • Wolp's name and appearance are likely derived from the Wolpertinger, a German mythological creature said to be a mixture of rabbit and deer with the wings of a pheasant.
  • Wolp's appearance may also be inspired by the Peryton, a creature that has the head, chest, and forelegs of a stag, and hindlegs, wings, and some plumage of a bird. Though some interpretations look similar to Wolp, being a stag's body and bird's wings.


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