Vortex Field is the Lunar style version of the the Stasis Field in Gravity Rush 2. It involves objects being pulled from the environment and surrounded within a vortex that when thrown will restrain enemies on contact. Kat received this power when she obtained the Lunar style from the Candle Zone during the episode "And the Soldier's Wife?".



When the vortex throw is used, enemies are caught in the vortex that incapacitates them from attacking for a short period of time. While immobilized, the attack deals consecutive damage to them. If enemies are within close range of each other, the active vortex can hit them all simultaneously. If an enemy is defeated and the vortex is still active, it will lock-on to other enemies if they are in close proximity; otherwise, the vortex will remain in one place until it subsides. For objectives that require Kat to keep enemies away from a designated area, the Vortex Field is very useful for stalling them due to its immobilisation properties.

Charged versionEdit

With the cost of some SP energy, the charged vortex throw produces a vortex with increased duration (additional 4-5 seconds), strength (capable of eliminating certain enemies from full health with a single use) and range (at least 2.5x bigger) over the standard vortex, which is most effective against groups of enemies close to each other. The charged vortex field is useful against armored enemies as well.


The max total capacity of held objects using vortex field is shared with the normal style Stasis Field, which is 7 objects. Also shared are the abilities known as physical deflect, throw boost, and energy deflect; the first reflects physical objects thrown at Kat when vortex field is used; the second increases the speed and distance of thrown objects when the vortex throw is used; and the third reflects energy-based projectiles thrown at Kat when vortex field is used.

One unique upgrade includes increasing the vortex duration by several seconds.


  • A charged vortex throw is ineffective against the goons wearing gravity suits during the side mission "Forgetful Bodyguard".
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