Defeat as many Nevi as possible within the time limit! Increase the time limit by defeating enemies.
— Challenge description 
Vendecentre Time Attack is a challenge mission found in Gravity Rush.

It becomes available to play once Kat deposits 60 gems into the furnace to restart Vendecentre's Ropeway service.

Overview Edit

This challenge is a Score Attack in which Kat is rated based on the number of points she scores by defeating Nevi. The battle arena starts Kat off just inside the cable car portal, takes her out into the empty space (used as the training ground for when Kat enlisted in the military), and looping around via the train track.

Targets & Rewards Edit

Medal Target Scores Rewards
Gold 3,000 800
Silver 2,000 700
Bronze 1,200 600

The total cumulative reward is 2,100 gems.

Strategy Edit

Recommended upgrades:

Start by taking out the two Are in front of you inside the cable car portal as the challenge begins. Head out into the empty training grounds and fight the two groups of Nevi, but be wary that a Shiga is among one of the groups and will catch you off guard if you don't know it's there. After these enemies are dealt with, shift onto the train track and slide along it and Slide Kicking each of the Kinoue that appears, and crossing onto the neighbouring track about halfway round.

Once you loop back round to the training grounds, you'll encounter a Malloid, Lancan, Defnete, Minaye, and the illusive Taion, which Kat first fought when she found the missing part of Auldnoir. Dispatch the Malloid first, then the Lancan, as these fast moving enemies can be a real hassle when fighting the Taion; use Stasis Field to get rid of the Defnete, and then focus on the Taion. Use Gravity Typhoon or Spiraling Claw on the beast if you need to score a quick kill. Before heading back to the start, kill the Minaye that is tucked away to your right.

Future laps will spawn one or two Kinoue with armour; after a Slide Kick, stop sliding and the kick the living daylights out of it.

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