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  • Thunderjaw01

    Update in Wiki activity

    September 10, 2018 by Thunderjaw01

    Hey guys.

    So I have recently found out that the two other wiki's that I am heavily involved with, those being "Crappy Games Wiki" and "Awesome Games Wiki", have been completely closed down. The reasons for the closures? I don't know, but an associate of mine told me that some vindictive weasel reported them for containing pro-Gamergate articles, but I won't go into detail on it because I really don't want to risk getting targeted.

    Anyway, in light of losing these platforms, I have decided to mirage over here permanently. I am hoping to be more active on Gravity Rush wiki from this point onwards. I have been playing Gravity Rush 2 again lately, and I do hope to finish up on adding the remianing side missions in the game to the site.

    That'll do…

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  • Thunderjaw01

    Good day my fellow Gravity Rush fans! I haven't as busy on here as of late, playing other games and what have you. But anyway, I recently discovered a wiki that is dedicated to the most well-liked characters in fictional media, ranged from movies, TV shows, anime, and of course, video games. It's called Great Characters Wiki.

    Since she is quite a popular character, I decided to give Kat her own page over on that wiki. I also decided to give Raven her own page as well, since she has her fans. I made those pages simply because of my adoration towards them both, and I could give many reasons why they are such great characters overall.

    Feel free to go over there and take a look if you wish. Here's Kat's page, and here's Raven's.

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  • Thunderjaw01

    I've just been thinking:

    There's a full page about the many costumes that Kat can obtain throughout the series. I'm not certain if it's a good idea or not, but I'll pitch the idea anyway: I might make a page about the gestures. I know there isn't much to write about them, but it's a good chance to make use of the photos that you can take with the in-game camera.

    If it's not worth doing a separate page about them though, I might simply create a gallery of Kat's many gestures on the "Camera" page, if that makes more sense.

    Let me know what you guys think, and I may or not go through with it, depending on responses.

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  • Thunderjaw01

    Hello people! I recently joined this wiki in the hopes that I could make some worthwhile contributions to the site.

    I'm probably very late on this subject, but I wanted to talk a little about the two part anime released on Youtube back on Boxing Day of 2016. It is of course, Gravity Rush: Overture.

    I don't know about you guys (or whoever stumbles across this), but I personally loved it. Though it was short, it was still very entertaining, and it definitely had the spirit and tone that the games have. The best part is just how faithful it was; from the tone, the characters, the art style, the music, the voice acting, and even the language everybody spoke in. The first part was a simply a tone piece for the second game, the second part is wher…

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