aka Edmond

  • I live in San Jose, CA
  • My occupation is College Student
  • I am Male

Hello friends! I'm Edmond and I've been a Gravity Rush enthusiast for almost 3 years. In November 2016, I discovered Gravity Rush (for the PS Vita) and I downloaded it for my PSTV. I was fascinated by the game's unique gameplay, compelling story, and outstanding music! I decided to buy Gravity Rush Remastered and Gravity Rush 2 for the PS4 and I enjoyed them even more as the graphics and FPS were greatly improved (not Gravity Rush 2 though)! I recently joined this Fandom page as I would like to contribute and write about Gravity Rush as I like writing as well! I'm not the best story-teller you've ever met, but I try to do my best!

Next to Gravity Rush, Shenmue is a series that I also truly love for the same reasons (gameplay, graphics, music, story). Unfortunately, both of these games are severely underrated and I believe more people should be open to these types of new ideas. Like Shenmue, I hope there is a third installment of Gravity Rush as the story could go on!

As I am contributing to the pages here, feel free to let me know and fix any mistakes that I've made. I'm human, I make mistakes too! I look forward to meeting you guys!

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