aka Doctor Swazz

  • I live in Hekseville
  • I was born on January 18
  • My occupation is Anchorman for the Lei Colmosnean Channel
  • I am Male

Night Flow

Greetings, this is your anchorman at the Lei Colmosnean channel, of Jirga Para Lhao! I was enlisted in early 2017 - January 18th, in fact! Training requirements for the job are strict, as fluency in both the Lhao and Heksevillian dialect is required, as well as basic interviewing skills and degrees in journalism. Accordingly, I take my job seriously as the representative of the network, bringing to you the latest and most accurate happenings in all of Lei Colmosna!

Check out my Facebook page, "US Swazz" (, for more info, or my YouTube collaboration with my remix partner, Kongiku, at "Doctor Swazz and Kongiku" ( for straight up French House!


The Delvool Trench Mine & Walkthrough (Gravity Rush 2) Edit

This was a fun wiki page to tackle, as the Delvool Trench Mine is arguably the most difficult gameplay mode in Gravity Rush 2. I've created a page with general information for it, as well as a comprehensive guide to completing it! Especially helpful on those rougher layers of the Trench Mine (Layer 18, we're all looking at YOU).

Talismans (Gravity Rush 2) Edit

Ever wondered whether a talisman effect could stack? Or how to nab all those elusive Premium talismans? Thought about reducing, reusing, and recycling talismans (this is a thing)? Don't even know what a talisman is? All the more reason to check out this fun little page on the Gravity Rush 2 wiki, where all in-game talisman attributes are listed, A-Z, 1 2 3, and do-re-mi!

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