Trapped in Peace is the third episode of Gravity Rush 2's story DLC, Another Story - Raven's Choice.

Story[edit | edit source]

Upon arriving in Hekseville, Raven is shocked to learn that the world is trapped in a frozen time state. After wondering around confused, she comes across Dusty, Kat's Guardian, as he isn't affected by the time freeze. Raven follows Dusty to Vendecentre's train station where Kat is located. Horrified that even she is trapped, frozen in time as well, Raven confronts Bit, furious that the problem wasn't resolved. Bit informs her that the problem is much bigger than he though it was, and the elements of Light and Darkness escaped from the Ark after the experiment set off. It is up to Raven to find the Keepers of Light and Darkness, with guidance from, of all things, the Nevi. She sets about defeating Nevi dotted around Hekseville to find the Keepers, who happen to be Gade and Cyanea. After finding Cyanea, the Keeper of Darkness at Arquebus Academy, Raven finds Gade, the Keeper of Light in the lower reaches of Auldnoir. Raven and the three Creators gather together, discussing the plan which Raven quickly dismisses, and Cyanea and Gade proceed to take Raven to the rift plane known as Illumina, where the Light and Darkness reside.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

This episode is very straightforward. Follow Dusty around Vendecentre until you eventually find Kat in front of one of the train stations in the district. Next, find some Nevi and take them out in order to find Cyanea and Gade. These Nevi will emit light particles, which will guide you in the direction you will need to go. The light particles will only guide you for a few seconds, but each Nevi you defeat will continuously produce the guiding light. Cyanea is located in the middle of Arquebus Academy in Pleajeune. Keep defeating any Nevi you come across to find Gade. He is in the lower reaches of Auldnoir near the fountain. Once you find him, the episode is completed.

If you can complete the episode without running into civilians, you'll unlock the "Personal Space" trophy.

Videos[edit | edit source]


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