Top Cat is a miscellaneous PlayStation trophy obtained in Gravity Rush.

How to unlockEdit

Main article: Reputation

To unlock this trophy, the player must get Kat's reputation up to "Top Cat" status. You can raise this somewhat hidden stat by playing through the story, but it can also be raised by completing other activities like challenge missions and reactivating some the facilities around Hekseville using the gems you find.

Raising Kat's reputation also increases her level cap, allowing her to become stronger. "Top Cat" is not however, the highest level Kat can achieve; the DLC's can increase her maximum reputation beyond this status.

Additional InformationEdit

Top Cat is one of the game's 4 gold trophies. Being one of the rarer trophies in the game, it is likely to be one of the last trophies along with you'll unlock before getting the Platinum trophy.

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