Together, So Strange is one of many side missions in Gravity Rush 2,  unlocked by completing Episode 7: Wandering Heart, and the first one in which Raven accompanies the player.

Story Edit

When Kat meets up with Misai, he suggests that Kat brings her friend, Raven, along with her, reiterating that a lazy worker is a hungry worker. When Kat expresses concern for Banga's food budget, Raven suddenly appears, and the three leave the city for Mining Site No.0.

Though she gives Raven a small number of ore to collect, Kat is shocked to discover that Raven gathered more ore than she did. To get them motivated, Kat turns work into a competition to see who can gather more ore, with Kat gunning for 50. Bested by Raven again, Kat tries one more time to beat her, this time shooting for 60. Raven notices the disappointment in Kat's voice after she beats her a third time, when they are suddenly swarmed by Scarabs.

Raven gets an idea to decide the winner of the whole competition—whoever defeats more enemies. Kat is overjoyed when Raven announces she fell one short, just as Misai calls them back to the cage. On the way back, Raven expresses relief over the events that transpired, and Xii tells her how that was out of character, to which Raven confesses that she let Kat win just to see her smiling again, as she felt that is more important than any competition.

They arrive back in Jirga Para Lhao with a large haul between them, an effort Misai commends them for, describing Kat and Raven as "worth a dozen miners each". Afterwards, Raven immediately dives right into their meal to the surprise of Kat and Misai, until Kat realizes that part of the meal was meant for her as well. Misai starts to see why Lisa is so worried about the girls' eating habits.

Walkthorugh Edit

This missions is a simple mining exercise, just destroy any ore deposits you see, and grab the ore that comes from it. After collecting 40 gems, you're then engaged in a competition with Raven, but you only need to collect 50 gems before moving on. In the third round, you'll need 60 gems. Nevi start showing up, so you might as well get rid of any that are in the way, especially the Mosui.

Finally, you have some Nevi to fight, though this time around, Raven is there to help out. Between the two of you, you only need to defeat all the Nevi to complete the mission.

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