The Rules of War is an unlockable PlayStation trophy in Gravity Rush, and is one of 8 trophies part of the Military Costume Pack.

How to unlock Edit

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This trophy is unlocked by clearing the first of the two story missions within the Military Pack DLC. The episode focuses on Kat's admission into the Jellyfish Squadron, and combat training with Yunica before she is thrust into a large scale rescue mission when Hekseville is hit by a Nevi outbreak.

Additional Information Edit

This trophy has a bronze rating, and cannot be missed due to narrative progression in addition to being treated as a flashback if played later on. This mission can only be played when the player returns to Hekseville at the end of Episode 17 in the main story, "Fading Light". The mission itself starts off fairly simple, but the rescue portion is where it gets rough due to the presence of Malloids near civilians.

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