The Rules of War is a side mission in Gravity Rush. It is the first of two parts of the Military Pack DLC.


Curious as to what happened during her one-year absence from Hekseville, Kat heads to the Jellyfish Special Forces Headquarters in Vendecentre to go see the commander, Yuri Gerneaux, who is still awaiting Kat's answer about enlisting that he had asked her prior. To get a better understanding of what has been going on in her absence, she takes him up on his offer and joins the special forces, with a new provided uniform to wear and basic training to undergo—the former and latter to both be handled by Sea Wasp.

After leaving the training grounds to save a wounded soldier, a Nevi outbreak occurs in Vendecentre. Given the name "Sea Cat" by the commander, Sea Cat is tasked to rescue stranded civilians, while Sea Wasp is tasked to prevent any further district takeover by the Nevi, until she can back up the rescue forces. Through help from Permet, the radio operator whom provided preparations for the basic training and communicated with Sea Cat to help her save the civilians, the Nevi threat was able to be contained. Sea Cat returns to the battleship where she is congratulated by the commander for her efforts on her first mission, but she then thanks him for their provided protection over the city while she was gone, which she learned from a little girl that she saved during her mission. After the commander apprises Sea Cat about the next and important mission that the Jellyfish is going to undertake, hoping she will be a part of it, and expects her and Sea Wasp to set an example for the soldiers, he dismisses her for the day.


The first objective is basic training: partake in the combat trial and destroy Nevi dummies, until you hear a yell from a man. When you find the wounded soldier, you will need to escort him to the battleship, using Stasis Field.

Your next objective is to escort multiple civilians to safety. However, while doing this, you will need to be wary of the hostile Nevi throughout the environment, since receiving any damage from them will result in you dropping them and starting over; they respawn if you defeat any of them, so it is best to ignore them. For efficiency and less backtracking, you can rack up civilians so that you can pick up multiple at a time to escort all at once, if you have the stasis field power upgraded. Your last objective after escorting them all will be to help contain the evacuation zone by defeating Nevi, specifically the ones in the air first, then eventually the ones on the ground.

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