For the rift plane, see The Ruins.

Ruin's Rare Nevi

Rare Nevi in The Ruins

The Rare Nevi in The Ruins is the first rare nevi in a rift plane in Gravity Rush. It is the easiest and smallest rare nevi to defeat. It is a special, green colored nevi (as are the other rare nevi), and it is immune to Kat's special attacks.


In the center of the area there is a large pillar. Fly to the absolute bottom of this pillar and underneath it is a hole that leads up into a small secret room where the rare nevi resides; Kat will let you know that she is curious about the area as you head down, so use that tidbit to find the rare Nevi's location. You'll know it is nearby when Kat points out its strange appearance compared to the others.


It is recommended that you have your kick and gravity kick to at least level 3. When you are too far away for the nevi to melee attack you, he will send masses of gravity orbs towards you. You can use the dodge to avoid these, however, you may want to upgrade it quite far in order to dodge fast enough. Getting around this barrage can be hard to pull off, which is why it's recommended that you stay close to it where it will not attack you. While on the ground, just keep melee attacking it while dodging whenever it is about to attack.

There are several health orbs located around the area that you can pick up if you need them, but know that if you get too far away it, the Nevi will shoot out gravity orbs again. Instead, slowly inch towards them so that the rare Nevi has time to follow you. Using the Gravity Kick is somewhat risky since the Nevi can use its ranged attack even with a small amount of distance between you and the Nevi, so stick to the grounded moves.

Just repeat the process of kicking and dodging until eventually you destroy it. Doing so for the first time will reward you with a ton of gems, and unlock the Ancient Game Hunter trophy.


This rare nevi is a green Are with an orange core. It is a much stronger and more durable version of the standard Are. It combines both variants of the creature; the one that lashes its tail at its foes, and the other that fire gravity orbs at its foes. However, the rare variant is not only quicker on the draw when it lashes its tail, but its ranged attack launches a barrage of orbs that also have homing properties. Both attacks are far more damaging than that of both the regular variants.


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