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The Lost City is the sixth episode of Gravity Rush

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As Gade explains in dialogue, the object is to locate the missing part of Auldnoir within the rift plane. To do so, simply defeat the given number of enemies to allow the flowers to bloom, and provide a path to your next objective. You can fight the Nevi with whatever moves you have, but Stasis is recommended for armoured enemies.

Along the way, you will come across a Power Tree, which in turn in grant Kat her first special move, the Spiraling Claw. You can bypass it if you wish, but you'd be better off obtaining this move now rather than later.

When you locate the missing piece of the town, you'll fight a boss. First, take out the eyes on its head with some well placed Gravity Kicks, or some accurately aimed Stasis Throws. Once its health gets down to roughly 50% (or its eyes are destroyed), it will transform into a saucer-like creature with a new core hanging underneath. Grounded kicks will work just fine during this phase, but be prepared to evade when the underside starts glowing red, which cue an incoming attack. Once you reduce the boss' health to zero, centre the camera on it, and press the DualShock4 touch pad to finish it off, and complete the episode.

Trivia Edit

  • This episode shares its title with one of the tracks from the Gravity Rush 2 soundtrack.
    • It is also name of one of the levels in the 1996 video game, Crash Bandicoot.