For Rare Nevi location, see The Inferno: Rare Nevi

The Inferno is the second Rift Plane featured in Gravity Rush. It is the place where the missing piece to Pleajeune and second piece to Hekseville was located.


Kat first visits The Inferno during the mission "Episode 8: A Hundred and One Nights" while she is in Pleajeune. She meets up with Gade again, and he reminds her of the missing pieces to Hekseville. He brings her to the rift plane, and Kat proceeds to find the missing part of Pleajeune.

The master of this area is supposed to be a Batouyue Nevi but Raven comes in and destroys it. Kat then instead has to fight Raven in its place.

Within The Inferno, after coming across another Power Tree, Kat learns her second special attack, Gravity Typhoon.


In conjunction with defeating the nevi so that the rift flowers can bloom and guide her, Kat makes her way through the rift plane primarily by sliding on extended wooden bridges and stone surfaces; however, she also has to shift her way through semi-long circumferential fire pathways while landing on partially submerged buildings so that she doesn't interact with the fire covered environment upon running out of gravity energy.


  • Kat will exclaim "Hot, hot, hot!" if she makes contact with the fire covered surfaces.
  • Originally when Kat comes here for the first time, Raven is seen destroying the Nevi; however, if Kat comes back to this place again, the Nevi returns and Kat is allowed to fight it.
  • Because of the full, surrounding environmental fire hazard, The Inferno is the most linear, dangerous, and unique rift plane.