The Diary of a Maid is a mission based PlayStation trophy obtainable in Gravity Rush. It is one of 8 from the Maid Costume Pack DLC.

How to unlock Edit

Main article: The Diary of a Maid

You will need to complete the first Maid Pack mission that share its name with this trophy. The majority of the mission is spent performing menial tasks for your employer, Melda, including a garbage run, bringing her something to eat, and recovering her husband's manuscript.

Additional Information Edit

This trophy has a Bronze rating, and is also story related in this DLC, thus it cannot be missed. Clearing the episode also counts towards the Head of the Household trophy, which requires the completion of both story and challenge missions offered in the DLC. The episode itself needs to unlocked before it can be played; the player must complete A Meeting with Destiny to unlock it.

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