Tenebria is a character in Another Story - Raven's Choice. She is the physical form of the element of darkness that, along with Lumino, fled to Illumina after escaping from the Ark.

History Edit

Another Story - Raven's Choice Edit

When Gade and Cyanea transport Raven to the rift plane of Illumina, Raven is tasked with summoning the elements of Light and Darkness and harnessing their power to open the Ark. After summoning the Light and defeating Lumino, Raven summons the Darkness and battles and defeats Tenebria for the time being

After Raven escapes Illumina and arrives back in Hekseville, Tenebria reappears with Lumino, having tricked the creators and stolen their power. The two attempt to stop Raven from gathering her lost memories and gaining the power needed to defeat them, but ultimately they are unsuccessful, and Raven destroys their physical forms.

Boss Battle Edit

Tenebria attacks by shooting floating disks of darkness (which are filled with stars, bearing some resemblance to the material that constitutes Dusty and Xii) at the player. She frequently teleports out of the player's range to gain distance and fire off more projectiles. Additionally, she can use the disks as a shield, blocking damage from Raven's attacks.

If Tenebria is allowed to absorb the darkness present on the plane, she creates a number of duplicates of herself, which attack Raven simultaneously.

Personality Edit

Unlike Lumino, who expresses excitement at having been summoned and finds enjoyment in doing battle with Raven, Tenebria is morose and ill-tempered. She loathes being forced to take a physical form, and she harbors a particular hatred for humans, describing them as vile, wretched creatures. Should she succeed in absorbing the darkness of Illumina, she sneers that Raven "reeks of the emotions she holds" and declares love and nobility to be worthless concepts. In Hekseville, she states her end goal is for "those disgusting humans to leave me alone," and she expresses disdain towards Bit for allying himself with humans.

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Gravity Rush 2: The Ark of Time - Raven's Choice Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Much like Lumino, whose name is presumably derived from the Latin lumen (light), Tenebria's name can be surmised to be based on the Latin tenebrae (darkness, shadow, gloom, obscurity).
  • The two manifestations also share much in common with the traditional Chinese concepts of yin and yang, as the orb that Raven obtains after defeating them closely resembles a taijitu yin-yang symbol. Yin is traditionally associated with femininity, darkness, water, cold, and the moon.

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