The Spy DLC costume.

The Spy DLC is one of the three downloadable content available for the Gravity Rush video game. The DLC costs $3.99 in the PlayStation Store in North America (£3.29 in the UK). The DLC adds a new costume for Kat to wear (the Spy Cat suit), along with four new missions and eight new trophies for the player to collect. It has received near perfect reviews on PSN.

Mission Walkthroughs Edit

A Time to Play The Dreamlife of Ghosts
For the first part of the mission, keep the Snakerabbit leader in your sights so you don't lose him. Once you reach the gang's hideout, you're challenged to 2 races, both of which are very straightforward. Just follow the railway track through the rings until you reach Auldnoir Station. The second race is a straight path to the Ferris Wheel in Pleajeune. Use X to fall faster than normal, and keep an eye on the air-boats near the end to avoid colliding with them. After this, defeat the multiple waves of Nevi that appear. The only ones that are likely to cause problems are the Malloids (the swordfish-like Nevi), so be careful. Once the Nevi are dealt with, you have completed the mission. First, you need to return to the small park underneath the city where Kat first awakened. Use Stasis to bring the bomb to Chaz in front of Pandora's Fortunes. Next, you'll need to follow a flock of pigeons to the wall with graffiti on it. You can't move the bomb, so head to Pandora's Fortunes again to pick up Chaz and bring him over to the bomb. The third bomb requires three passwords to deactivate. All 3 answers to related to Kat in one form or another. Answer correctly, and then head to the station to find one of the Snakerabbits. Talk to him, and he'll take you to Endestria. Find Alias, and defeat the attacking Nevi. Once they're dealt with, find Alias (who reveals himself to be Kat's Number 1 Fan), and take him back to Pandora's Fortunes.

Challenge Walkthrough Edit

Rift Plane Vitality Race Pleajeune Pitching Challenge
This challenge takes place in the Inferno Plane. Kat starts this challenge with low life, and she must reach the goal within 3 minutes 30 seconds for a Gold prize. It is highly recommended that you have upgraded Kat's health significantly for this challenge, as the gems will provide greatest health restoration. Use the Gravity Slide wherever possible to get to the next checkpoint faster on the ground, but be wary; enemies can fly at you from many angles. To achieve to best time, don't bother fighting the enemies, except those in your path. Your task is to use Stasis Field to destroy Nevi by using projectiles supplied for you. For the best results, upgrade Kat's Stasis Powers to at least Level 4 or 5. Try to focus on getting more than one enemy in the centre of the screen so that you waste less time trying to aim at each enemy individually.

Trophies Edit

Please refer to the full trophy list here for a complete list of the trophies in this DLC pack.

Trivia Edit

  • The design of the suit is very similar to Catwoman's suit in Batman Arkham City.
  • The final task in "The Dreamlife of Ghosts" requires Kat to take her Number 1 Fan to Pandora's Fortunes, but the game will actively encourage the player to drop him into the void below.
    • This is likely played up for humour because as Kat puts it: "I couldn't take [his fanboyism] anymore!" Reinforcing this idea is the fact that dropping him has no consequences.
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