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The Spy DLC is one of the three downloadable content available for the Gravity Rush video game. The DLC costs $3.99 in the PlayStation Store in North America (£3.29 in the UK). The DLC adds a new costume for Kat to wear (the Spy Cat suit), along with four new missions and eight new trophies for the player to collect. It has received near perfect reviews on PSN.


Main article: A Time to Play

The first half of the DLC has Kat helping the police apprehend a street gang known as the Snakerabbits, a group of bandits known for their illegal street racing activities. Kat tries to convince the gang to let her join after an overzealous fanboy of hers blows her cover, only to soon learn that the notorious gang isn't as rough as their exteriors convey.

Main article: The Dreamlife of Ghosts

Somehow, Alias has risen from the grave, and is terrorizing the people of Hekseville by planting bombs all over town. Only solving riddles, eerily involving Kat's personal life, can disarm the bombs, but Kat is in for a surprise when she confronts the Hekseville Phantom directly...


There are 2 challenge missions that Kat can partake; Pleajeune Throwing Challenge and the Rift Plane Health Race, the latter of which takes place in The Inferno. For more on these challenges, click here and here.


Like the other DLC packs, there are 2 story related, 4 challenge related, and 2 miscellaneous trophies to unlock. Please refer to the full trophy list here for a complete list of the trophies in this DLC pack.


  • The design of the suit is very similar to Catwoman's suit in Batman Arkham City.
  • The final task in "The Dreamlife of Ghosts" requires Kat to take her Number 1 Fan to Pandora's Fortunes, but the game will actively encourage the player to drop him into the void below.
    • This is likely played up for humour because as Kat puts it: "I couldn't take [his fanboyism] anymore!" Reinforcing this idea is the fact that dropping him has no consequences.