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Spirit of a Man is a side missions that Kat can partake in Gravity Rush 2. It is available after completing the seventeenth story mission, Road to Lonely.

Kat is taking a stroll around Pleajeune when she finds Eugie near the Goddess Statue. As she approaches him, he asks "What are you lookin' at?"and Kat assumes he's in a sour mood and asks where Aujean is and Eugie tells her that he's probably in a bar working up a tab and complains that he'll be just like Aujean at the rate he's going. However, Kat doesn't want another Aujean in town, so she suggests she handle Aujean's habit, while Eugie tells her she doesn't stand a chance. Kat tells Eugie to wait where he is while she went to change into the dress seen in Like a Radio and impersonates changes her voice so it sounded like she was from Texas, or something and asks Eugie his thoughts on if he thought it would work, and he accepts her after she told him it was the only way to stop Aujean from drinking, that he has to se the one to decide.

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