Spiraling Claw is a special attack used by Kat in Gravity Rush and Gravity Rush 2. The attack involves Kat pressing her wrist together while spin-diving towards the center of the screen. It is the first special attack she learned, and was received from a Power Tree in The Ruins during Episode 6: The Lost City.

Functionality Edit

The Spiraling Claw is a spinning dive attack that allows Kat to dispose of enemies very quickly. The attack also has tracking properties and will home in on any enemy that is near Kat as she performs the move. With certain upgrades and talismans, the Spiraling Claw can last a very long time before it ends. In Gravity Rush, it can be initiated with a press of the triangle button.

A maxed-out Spiraling Claw contains a unique style of SP gauge recovery that increases the SP gauge for enemies defeated by it. This means that, while the Spiraling Claw requires a full SP gauge to use, defeating enemies with it can gradually build the SP gauge again - potentially to maximum, given the appropriate talisman attributes.

In Gravity Rush 2, it can only used when Kat is using the normal style. Raven will also get behind Kat with her own version of the attack if she joins Kat as an AI companion. It is the most commonly seen special attack in the series, especially in the first game.