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Spiraling Claw is a special attack used by Kat in Gravity Rush and Gravity Rush 2. It is the first special move that Kat learns, and is the most commonly used attack in the series.


Gravity Rush[]

By pressing her wrists together and spin-diving, the Spiraling Claw allows Kat to dispose of enemies very quickly. The attack also has homing properties and will home in on any enemy that is near Kat as she performs the move. Its power and duration is maximised when fully upgraded.

It can be initiated with a press of the triangle button.

Gravity Rush 2[]

The Spiraling Claw functions exactly the same way it did in the previous game. When used around Raven, she will trail Kat and increase the attack's damage. When fully levelled up, the attack will not only increase in power and duration, but it also recover SP for every enemy defeated with the attack. This means that the attack's duration can be greatly extended when loads of enemies are defeated, and with the proper Talismans equipped.

The attack is launched with the triangle button with Normal gravity effects.


In Gravity Rush, Kat spots a Power Tree while following the guiding flowers through the Ruins Plane as she tries to recover a part of Auldnoir during the sixth episode, The Lost City.

In Gravity Rush 2, Kat is able to use the Spiraling Claw as soon as she is reunited with Dusty during the first episode, Sad Angel. Usable only in Normal Style.


  • In PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale, the Spiraling Claw is one of Kat's main moves; activated by pressing the circle button as she moves left or right. Her trajectory can be changed if the button is held.
  • Every single boss Kat has ever faced in the series (except for the Destructive Force) has always been finished off with the Spiraling Claw.