Something This Way Flies is a side mission in Gravity Rush 2, and it is one of the first side missions available at the onset of the Jirga Para Lhao chapter.

Completing this mission also unlocks delivery challenges later on in the game.

Story Edit

As Kat explores the marketplace of Lei Colmosna, she spots a newspaper lying on the ground. A man asks her to toss it up to him, to which she obliges by using her Gravity Throw. He introduces himself as a delivery man, and he is looking for some help with his rounds because a colleague of his hurt his hand. Kat accepts his offer, and she makes a couple of newspaper rounds using her shifting powers and stasis field and gravity throw to get the job done in little time. Grateful for her help, the deliveryman offers Kat some extra work in the future, but before she goes, she asks if he knows of a place called Hekseville, to which the man answers, "I can't say I have."

Walkthrough Edit

Throw the newspaper up to the balcony with the gravity throw. For your first round of deliveries, you will need to deliver 25 newspapers. Gravity throw can be used to throw the newspapers towards the people on balconies. Though there is a timer, you are not limited by time, so feel free to go as slowly (or quickly) as you need to.

The next round requires you to deliver 55 newspapers this time. Same as before, but this time you can also use the Gravity Slide technique to get the job done faster. Just follow the gravity gems to make the rounds, and look around for your targets.

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