Singlor is a minor character and scientist in Gravity Rush. He is also one of the two people who make up the mysterious couple, whom act as a collectible that the player can encounter throughout the game.


Singlor is a man who had been experimenting on gravity and space-time—specifically gravitational fields—in the hopes that he could save the world from the progressing threat of the gravitational force that was later shown to be created by Destructive Force. His wife, Nala, is the only person who believed in his research. One day, however, his experiment proved disastrous when his wife tampered with a machine which resulted in an accidental release of the artificial energy that transmitted them into a different space-time dimension. Following the events of the accident, he roamed the world for a long time but not a single person could see him, except Kat. Most of their conversations involved Singlor theorizing and explaining the phenomena behind how only Kat could see him, why he disappeared multiple times during their conversation from her perspective, what caused the accident—through his acts creating artificial gravitational energy formed a dense gravitational field that distorted space-time (implying Singlor was unaware of his wife's actions that initiated the accident)—and why Kat had troubling recalling any interactions with Nala. From his perspective, he was having one continuous conversation with Kat. Later in the conversation, he shared a theory with Kat that if he would have found his wife and emulated identical effects to the accidental experiment that it would have returned things back to the way they were. Their conversation was interrupted and concluded when some unidentified gravitational energy, which Singlor claimed was “just like the accident,” pulled him into a different dimension. As it pulled him in, he tried to tell Kat to tell his wife that he loves her to which Kat said to herself that she would.

In Another Story - Raven's Choice, Singlor and Nala are seen together in the background of the final comic panel.


  • Taking into consideration Singlor's hypothesis, it is possible that the gravitational force that sucked him in also saved him.
    • It's also possible the repairs to the fabric of the universe thanks to Raven's actions over the course of the DLC has saved him and his wife from being lost in space-time.


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