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Sea Anemone was mayor D'nelica's secret weapon designed to fight against the Nevi. While the weapon had tremendous firepower and could easily destroy the Nevi, the weapon ultimately went rogue and turned against the city.


Gravity Rush[]

Initially, it was doing what it was designed to do—destroying Nevi—but it eventually went berserk. It was quickly discovered that the weapon utilized Nevi parts to harvest its power. With the help of Yunica and Raven, Kat managed to uncover its weakness—the Nevi core of the weapon's gun. At this point, mayor D'nelica activated the auto destruct sequence, however, it would also destroy most of Vendecentre in the process. Yunica and Raven pinned down the Anemone against the wall of the greatest building and Kat was finally able to deal the final blow to completely destroy it.[citation needed]

Gravity Rush 2[]

It is shown that the design of the Anemone has been perfected, and that it has been mass-produced to defend the city. However, they are still easily destroyed by Elektricitie.