The Sacred Gem is mysterious gem seen in Gravity Rush. It had existed since before the founding of Hekseville, and was believed to protect the city. 

History and locationsEdit


Sacred gem (Auldnoir)

Sacred Gem at the Church Garden.

When Alias, the master criminal, was after the gem, Syd made a fake replica and asked Kat to replace the real gem with the fake gem. Once Kat retrieved the real gem, Syd asked her to bring it back to him. After she gave who seemed like Syd the gem, Alias revealed himself and disappeared with the gem. Though Kat was initially accused of being an accessory to the gem's theft, the townsfolk came to her defense after she saved the police officers from the Nevi.


Sacred Gem (Endestria)

Sacred Gem in Endestria.

Around the time Alias announced that his next destination was the Sacred Gem in Endestria, Syd had prepared another fake gem and replaced the original with it. Chaz, Syd, Bulbosa, and the elite police officers guarded the real gem, while Kat checked on the fake one. Shortly afterwards, bombs planted by Alias went off, and Kat brought an active one to Chaz who defused the bomb before it exploded. Meanwhile, Nevi appeared and Kat decided to help vulnerable police officers (realizing that the officers were being used as decoys) instead of guarding the real gem, which resulted in Alias having taken the gem; however, this seemed to happen off-screen.



  • It is stated that the Sacred Gems serve to protect the citizens of Hekseville, but how they did so nor the kind of powers they harness are never explained or even touched upon.
  • For some reason, neither Pleajeune nor Vendecentre have Sacred Gems of their own.
  • They do not reappear and are not mentioned in Gravity Rush 2, though the statues that held them are still there.
    • The statues holding the sacred gems are clearly marine creatures—a fish in Auldnoir, and an octopus in Endestria.