This challenge, which becomes available by purchasing the Maid Pack DLC, gives you unlimited power, meaning that your gravity gauge never runs out and you can perform as many special attacks as you want, and you have to defeat as many Nevi as possible within the time limit. The number of points you have to get for certain trophies are: Bronze: 3000 Silver: 15000 Gold: 22000

To get gold, you should have your gravity typhoon power upgraded to at least level 5. You should also have your micro black hole power upgraded to at least level 2, and your shifting speed upgraded to at least level three. When the challenge starts, fly up a slight distance and use the gravity typhoon power on the nevi. ( Triangle + up ). After that, use the gravity typhoon on the plant nevi. Then, fly to the giant cluster of small Nevi, land on the rock, and use the micro black hole power. Use the gravity typhoon on all of the other nevi in the challenge, until you have at least 22000 points.

If you get Silver on this challenge, you will get the Bronze trophy titled "Unlimited Shifter." If you get Gold on this challenge, you will get the Silver trophy titled "Maximum Shifter."