Rift Plane Unlimited Power Attack is a challenge found in Gravity Rush, and is part of the Maid Pack DLC.

This challenge doesn't require reactivation of any of the town's facilities to access, but players will need to have completed "The Lost City", which is the base game's sixth episode.

Overview Edit

This challenge involves scoring points by killing Nevi; the bigger and tougher the Nevi is, the more points Kat will score. This challenge in particular gives Kat unlimited use of her unlocked special moves for the duration of the challenge.

New enemies appear after an undetermined number of kills, and time will be extended, though the amount of time added diminishes the longer you go.

Targets & Rewards Edit

Medal Target Scores Rewards
Gold 22,000 400
Silver 15,000 300
Bronze 3,000 200

The total cumulative reward is 900 gems.

Getting a gold medal also unlocks the "Unlimited Shifter" and "Maximum Shifter" trophies.

Strategy Edit

Recommended upgrades:

  • Unlock all specials
  • Spiraling Claw: Level 5
  • Gravity Typhoon: Level 5
  • Micro Black Hole: Level 5

Right off the bat, you are swarmed by Shiga (the swimming Nevi). Dodge them as they leap up from the ground, then destroy them with Micro Black Hole. After this, Kinoue will appear along the floating columns nearby; this is the perfect place to use the Spiraling Claw attack. From there, use the Gravity Typhoon to take out the Nevi on the islet to your left.

After this, there are loads of Nevi at the base of the ruins, but the ones to be careful of are the Malloids; these will blindside you if you take your eyes off them for even a second! Take the enemies out with Gravity Typhoon from a distance to avoid getting ravaged by incoming Nevi from all side. At the top of the ruins are more Malloids, and two Minaye enemies. Take out the Malloids with Micro Black Hole as they approach, pass the two Minaye to force them to attack, then use Gravity Typhoon when they're vulnerable.

Finally, there are some Nevi crawling along the walls at the bottom section of the main ruins, plus a Batouyue flying around. Gravity Typhoon is once again the best move to take him out, and also the stragglers on the walls. After this, it's back to the start with all of those Shiga, and the process repeats until time runs out.

The best strategy is to simply spam your specials to your heart's content!

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