Your health gauge is almost empty. Duck and weave through the lava and Nevi to reach the finish. Bust objects with the gravity kick to get a speed boost.
— Challenge description 
Rift Plane Health Race (or "Rift Plane Vitality Race" in NTSC regions) is a challenge mission found in Gravity Rush, and is part of the Spy Pack DLC.

It doesn't require a facility restart to become available like in the main game, but it does require the completion of Episode 8 in the main story, "A Hundred and One Nights".

Overview Edit

The second challenge that takes place in one of the Rift Planes, this one is a checkpoint race, and the course takes Kat through The Inferno in reverse. This challenge also unique in that starts Kat with low health.

It is the longest checkpoint race in the game, with 32 checkpoints, and takes longer than 3 minutes to complete.

Targets & Rewards Edit

Medal Target Times Rewards
Gold 3:30:00 600
Silver 4:00:00 500
Bronze 6:30:00 400

The total cumulative rewards is 1,500 gems.

Getting a gold medal in this challenge also unlocks both the "Magma Racer" and "Fireproof Racer" trophies.

Strategy Edit

Recommended upgrades:

  • Health: Level 5/6
  • Gravity Slide: Level 4
  • Shifting Speed: Level 5
  • Recovery Time: Level 6
  • Gauge Usage: Level 6

In this challenge, you will have to contend with the lava hazards, and hordes of dangerous enemies everywhere! Since Kat is starting this challenge at around 20% health, be mindful of the Malloid near the start of the course. Around checkpoint 4 is where you'll grab two vitality gems, so you can take more risks after that. The Malloids, Eckirays, and Minayes are ones to watch out for; Malloids will follow you for considerable distances when engaged, and Minayes need to be approached with a wide berth so you don't take damage from them and cost you precious time. Also, try not to let your gravity gauge run out in the fire tunnels, since that will not only cost you valuable time, but the fire causes a lot of damage to Kat, so grab any Gravity Gems within reach.

Don't be bother with the enemies in this challenge; the time limit for the gold is incredibly tight even with the recommended upgrades listed above, and fighting them would just waste time. Just avoid all fire hazards and enemies as you glide through each of the 32 checkpoints throughout the rift plane using a mix of Gravity Slide and Speed Shifting. Even with the upgrades, you may only get within seconds of that gold target even if you're a skilled player. This challenge may take more than one attempt, so practice first to get a feel for the course.

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