Rift Flower is a gravity ecofact featured at a Rift Plane in Gravity Rush. It guides the way to other rift flowers that will eventually lead to a specific destination.


Rift Flowers served as a guide through rift planes—The Ruins, The Inferno, and The Mirage—where they would lead the way to other rift flowers, once all Nevi on the islands with them were defeated. The rift flowers were mandatory for progression in that they would need to be activated in order to advance through the rift planes and thus the game, as they would eventually lead to a last rift flower that would then lead to a final island containing a rift plane boss and a missing part of a town.


Rift Flowers are tall, two-toned plants which are darker throughout the style and at the ovary end, and they also contain filaments, six petals, and an unbreakable core located at what may be the top of the stigma.

The rift flowers absorb the energy of defeated Nevi (which is why Nevi being defeated is required to activate them and advance through a rift plane); they react based on both how much Nevi there are-disregarding Nevi minions sent by the original Nevi—and how much energy they have absorbed. During the default phrase, the posture shows the flower bent over from the halfway point, with the closed petals directed straight down at the ground; during the second phase, which is activated when the flower absorbs near-half (1/3 and 2/5) or half (2/4 and 3/6) [note 1] of the total amount of present Nevi energy, the style or stem rises to about a mid-way point; during the third phase, which is activated when all but one or two Nevi have not had their energy absorbed, the flowers' petals open up mostly, and the flowers almost stands up completely vertical; during the fourth and final phase, the flowers' posture re-adjust, the petals open up fully, and the flower emits a purple beam of energy in the direction towards the area with the next rift flower or the island with the missing part of a town, if it's the last rift flower.



  1. The Mirage is the only rift plane where a rift flower does not react the same-way when it absorbs a specific-set amount of Nevi energy in conjunction with the total amount of Nevi present—specifically with the absolute last rift flower. For some reason, it does not follow the pattern as every other rift flower before it has.