Red and Black is the first episode of the Gravity Rush 2 story DLC, The Ark of Time - Raven's Choice.

Story Edit

A group of thugs are seen harassing a young woman, but they are interrupted when one of them is hit in the back of the head by an apple thrown by Raven. As she deals with the thugs, Nevi appear, as hoped. Raven defeats the Nevi, allowing an energy machine to absorb their energy. As she collects the third energy tank, Raven sees an illusion of her adoptive brother Zaza, promising him that he will see her again. Out of nowhere, Cyanea and Gade appear before her with concerns about the experiment to awaken the children inside the Ark, concerns that ultimately fall on deaf ears. Once all the energy tanks are full, Raven meets up with Kat (who is miffed that Syd called in sick) and they head to the park in Freedom Square where the experiment will take place. However, as Dr. Brahman makes his speech, a small boy appears and warns the scientist of the dangers that opening the Ark will do to the universe. The experiment commences despite the boy's protests. All of a sudden, the Ark destabilizes and starts to rip apart space and time. Raven hastily tries to get the Ark open herself in a panicked frenzy, fearful that the kids inside were in danger. She is then dragged through a wormhole, and into a strange dimensional place.

Gameplay Edit

This episode serves as a tutorial for Raven's gameplay, as she plays somewhat different from Kat. You will learn about Raven's Blood Talon attack, Blue Jays attack, and High Pressure attack. All you need to do in this episode is defeat all the enemies as they appear. Once all enemies are defeated, collect the energy tanks from each device. You'll need to defeat the enemies around each machine with the moves as they are provided in detail. Once you have four tanks, find Kat and talk to her. This will conclude the episode with a cutscene that kicks off Episode 2.

The enemies come in the most basic forms and in small numbers, so this episode shouldn't take long to complete.


The Ark of Time – Raven’s Choice DLC - Episode 1 - Red and Black

The Ark of Time – Raven’s Choice DLC - Episode 1 - Red and Black

Episode 1: Red and Black - Video Walkthrough

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