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The Rebels are a faction that appears in Gravity Rush 2. Some time after the events of the first Gravity Rush, they were created by D'nelica to fight Dr. Brahman and resist his plans to freeze time.

Members include many former members of the Jellyfish, such as Yunica, Yuri and Permet.

History Edit

Some time during Kat's absence, the remaining Jellyfish units went underground to form a resistance group called Delta Team, with the intention of resisting Dr. Brahman's nefarious plans to freeze time. They are initally perceived by the public as a neusance out to overthrow the new mayor.

The Rebels first appeared when Dr. Brahman is about to make his inauguration speech. Kat is tasked with stopping their missiles from reaching Freedom Square, during which they attack the ceremony until they are pushed back by both Kat and Kali.

Kat soon takes the fight to two high ranking members of the Rebels, who reveal themselves to be Yunica and Permet. Though Kat is initially dismissive of Yunica's claims that Brahman was a psychopath, they both rescue Kat and Raven from a further beating from the angels. Once they regain consciousness, the shifters join the Rebels' cause once they learn for themselves the real exntent of the mayor's schemes.

After Brahman's defeat, the Rebels reform the Jellyfish briefly to fight against Elektricitie's wrath, but are swiftly defeated despite Raven's best efforts to assist. The Rebels survive their encounter with the demigod, and vow to remain an underground organisation, and continue to train until they are needed again.

Appearance Edit

Members of the Rebels can be identified by their tight black outfits, and they ride around on some kind of light aircraft that somewhat resemble stingrays.

Key Members Edit

  • Yunica - codenamed "Sea Wasp", she was part of the Jellyfish Squadron serving as the arms unit due to being augmented with multiple weapons for tactical encounters.
  • Permet - the former bridge commander for the Jellyfish, she has since become Yunica's right hand fighter, having received a few upgrades herself.
  • Adreaux - was once D'nelica's right hand man, he was responsible for the creation of the Sea Anemone. Since the first game, he seems to have perfected the design, indicated by its appearance against Elektricitie.
  • Yuri Gerneaux - former Jellyfish commander, he is the one who leads the assault on Elektricitie, though his involvement with taking down Dr. Brahman is unclear.


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