Rare Nevi from Gravity Rush 2

A green Mosui Nevi.

Rare Nevi are rare and stronger versions of normal Nevi. They are only located at Rift Planes in Gravity Rush and Mining Sites in Gravity Rush 2. They are identified as regular Nevi with a green hue.

Gravity RushEdit

Rare Nevi are found exclusively in rift planes, places beyond Gravity Storms. They reside in isolated, secret locations within the planes, are seen alone and only spawn once per visit. There are only three types of rare Nevi: Are, Batouyue, and Giacago.

They all have special traits from the originals such as stronger cores and stronger and faster attacks. In addition to their green skin, they also have orange cores, signifying increased resilience. Their damage output is greatly increased, but they don't get any new attacks; though the Rare Are combines both versions of its maroon coloured brethren. Incidentally, Kat's special attacks are completely ineffective against rare Nevi.


It is highly recommended that players DO NOT take on Rare Nevi with few/no upgrades, since Kat is nowhere near strong enough to deal with them effectively.

Gravity Rush 2Edit

Rare Nevi in Gravity Rush 2 inhabit the mining sites. They can only be found in random ore deposits, as opposed to being located in secret areas within the Rift Planes, and the species count of Rare Nevi is tripled. Because they spawn from ore deposits, several can exist and attack at once; there are scenarios in which they will collaborate with other types of Rare Nevi.

The "gravity concentration level" in the mining sites determines how seldom or how often they can be found—they are more likely to appear at higher concentration levels, but not so much when concentration levels are lower.

The Rare Nevi are stronger and faster versions of the originals, but they also have special characteristics and attacks. For example, the Rare Are and Mosui possess new attack patterns; that of the Are is an emission of multiple, high-damage gravity spheres with a slight homing effect. The Rare Mosui, on the other hand, teleports to proximate locations upon being attacked (similar to how the regular ones worked in Gravity Rush). Since Kat's Gravity Typhoon special attack uses the objects in the environment, Rare Nevi can actually be defeated by this special attack.



  • Kat appears to be the only person to know of the existence of Rare Nevi, since not a single person in the world ever mentions or talks about them.
  • In Gravity Rush, Kat will inform the player of a rare Nevi's presence by saying something along the lines of: "This one looks different from the others...".


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