Defeat as many Nevi as possible using only gravity throws! Grab objects with O, and then press O again to throw them at the Nevi.
— Challenge description 
Pleajeune Throwing Challenge (or "Pleajeune Pitching Challenge" in NTSC regions) is a challenge mission found in Gravity Rush, and is part of the Spy Costume Pack.

It becomes available once the Pleajeune district becomes available to explore after completing Episode 6 of the main story, "The Lost City".

Overview Edit

Aside from the location, this challenge is similar to the one in Auldnoir, only this time, Kat is given sets of projectiles to use for each group of enemies. It begins in front of the headmaster statue on the campus of Arquebus Academy, the over the wall through the Loop Line Station, around the bottom of the town centre, and back to the school grounds.

Targets & Rewards Edit

Medal Target Scores Rewards
Gold 2,500 600
Silver 1,400 500
Bronze 1,000 400

The total cumulative reward is 1,500 gems.

Achieving the gold target for this challenge unlocks "Second String Pitcher" and "All Star Pitcher" trophies.

Strategy Edit

Recommended upgrades:

Most of the enemies you'll face here consist of Are and Jiu Nevi, though one Eckiray and a Defnete will show up near the end of the lap. All combat abilities sans Stasis are disabled. Use the projectiles supplied take out the two Jiu with one hit each at the start, then lob one at each of the Are to your left, restocking your ammo when you run out. Next, hop the wall and take out two more Jiu from the airboat, then head through the Loop Line Station while taking out three Jiu.

After that, head left to find 3 Are Nevi scampering around the lower reaches of the main area. Never worry about running out of ammo, or searching for any since they are in constant supply on your travels. Head up the stairs to find two Jiu and the aforementioned Eckiray, which will take at least 3 hits to kill. Now, head along the road to Arquebus Academy and take out each the Nevi along the path.

The final stretch before the next lap greets you with 3 Are and 1 Defnete, the latter with need quite a few projectiles to kill due its armour and two cores. On subsequent laps, some of the Nevi have orange cores, and will require one extra hit to kill; the Eckiray is not only among them, but it will be armoured as well. With Stasis Field upgraded to Level 5, it is very easy to get the gold medal on the second lap, and end with anywhere between 6,000 and 7,000 points when the timer expires.

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