The Nevi are invading! Help evacuate citizens by grabbing them with O and leading them to the exit (pictured above). But be careful: Nevi attacks will cause you to drop anyone you're carrying!
— Challenge description 
Pleajeune Taxi Trial is a challenge mission found in Gravity Rush.

It becomes available to play once Kat uses 20 gems to open the underground shutters in Pleajeune.

Overview Edit

This is a transportation challenge in which Kat must move people/objects scattered around the area to a marked location; in this challenge, she must carry citizens over to the underground entrance that she opened beforehand. She can carry as people as her current Stasis Field level will allow, but she must be careful since there are Nevi skulking around.

Targets & Rewards Edit

Medal Target Scores Rewards
Gold 500 400
Silver 350 300
Bronze 100 200

The total cumulative reward is 900 gems.

Strategy Edit

Recommended upgrades:

  • Stasis Field: Level 5
  • Gauge Usage: Level 5
  • Recovery Time: Level 4

Though the gold target is pretty low at just 500 points, it is easy to miss because of far from the marked location people can be placed. First, pick up the two citizens near the underground entrance, and drop them off; after that, more than 2 are marked for transportation at a time.

There is an effective workaround to deal with the spacing of civilians:

  1. Pick up one group of people, then find another group to pick up before dropping off the one you're carrying.
  2. Set them down, then immediately pick both groups up together; not only will you rack up the points faster, but you'll cut down on the travel distance at the same time. A high Stasis Field level is recommended for this tactic.
  3. There will be Nevi close by to some groups of people, so take them out if you need to before you pick anybody up to avoid dropping them should you take a hit.
  4. Don't bother wasting time fighting every Nevi you see, just the immediate threats.
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