Complete the race using only your gravity slide! Slide your way through town to reach the goal.
— Challenge description 
Pleajeune Sliding Race is a challenge mission found in Gravity Rush.

It becomes available to play when Kat refuels the fountain within Arquebus Academy using 20 gems.

Overview Edit

This is another sliding race in which Kat must race through a series of checkpoints using only her Gravity Slide technique. There are 13 checkpoints go race through in a single lap course through the grounds of Arquebus Academy, starting and finishing at the fountain.

Gravity Shifting is disabled for this challenge.

Targets & Rewards Edit

Medal Target Times Rewards
Gold 0:50:00 400
Silver 1:00:00 300
Bronze 1:20:00 200

The total cumulative reward is 900 gems.

Strategy Edit

Recommended upgrades:

  • Gravity Slide: Level 4

The course layout for this race features a lot more 90 degree turns compared to the Sliding Race in Auldnoir, but other than that, it shouldn't give you a hard time.

You'll want to focus on keeping your speed up as you race through the school grounds, so be wary of street clutter and street lamps that could impede your progress. If you need to, release one of the corners of the screen (PSVita) or shoulder buttons (PS4) to make tighter corners. You won't need to jump anywhere along this course, but you may want to cut as deep into the corners as you can to ensure as smoother turn. Be careful with the planters along the path though, as they can make your run a little sloppy.

If you aren't running any Gauge Usage upgrades past Level 2, there are plenty of Gravity gems in your path, so collect as many as you need.

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