Pitching Machine is a combat-related PlayStation trophy unlocked in Gravity Rush.

How to unlock Edit

This trophy is unlocked by throwing 10 objects into enemies while using the Gravity Typhoon special attack. This move involves manifesting pointed rocks and launched them towards the target that is closest to the centre of the screen. It is found in The Inferno, the second rift plane that Kat visits in the story.

Additional Information Edit

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As one of the combat trophies, this one carries a Silver rating. The best time to get this one is after you have upgraded the Gravity Typhoon to near-maximum level; it lasts the longest it can ever achieve, and damage is maximised. If you have the Maid DLC, or are playing the PS4 version, the best place to attempt this trophy is the Rift Plane Unlimited Power Attack challenge; you have unlimited usage of your specials, and enemies often appear in huge numbers.

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