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Pandora's Fortunes is the fortune telling sole proprietorship located in the Auldnoir district of Hekseville in Gravity Rush. It is regulated by Aki, where she and her partner, Pandora, read the fortunes of townsfolk, including Kat.

In Gravity Rush 2, Pandora's Fortunes has relocated to Entertainment District, Pleajeune. Alongside the ongoing fortune telling business, it additionally serves as the place to merge, morph, and recycle Talismans.


Gravity RushEdit

Kat came across Pandora's Fortunes when she was heading to the location where she first saw Raven, as she was looking for answers to questions she did not have. Curious in receiving answers, she entered the building. The owner of Pandora's Fortunes, Aki, ended up giving Kat a fortune and directions leading to a man whom she was destined to meet, which turned out to be Gade, the Creator.

Pandora's Fortunes is revisited during the mission "The Dreamlife of Ghosts", where it was victim to fake bomb attacks caused by Kat's Number 1 Fan when he was pretending to be Alias so that he could gain Kat's attention. Prior to his unmasking, Kat received multiple fortunes that guided her to the other bombs he had planted in Auldnoir, as well as his location.

Gravity Rush 2Edit

After Kat returned to Hekseville, she wanted to go to Pandora's Fortunes to obtain answers as to how she got back to Hekseville and why her home was disarranged, only to shortly find out that Pandora's Fortunes was replaced by a part of the city's new defense system She eventually finds out through a conversation with Aujean that it was relocated to Pleajeune. Once Kat made it to Pandora's Fortunes, she tried to get the aforementioned fortune but could not because Aki had a client on the way to get their fortune read.

A year after the main story ends, Raven decides to visit Pandora's Fortunes whilst out on patrol. She leaves with her fortune suggesting that she tries her luck in Vendecentre, where Aki tells her that someone is waiting for her there, possibly alluding to Kat.

Talismans configurationEdit

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Two talismans of the same shape can be combined together to have the same effects shared across one talisman. A merged talisman can only have up to three effects.


Three talismans of the same shape can be combined together to have the same effects shared across a different and transformed, shaped talisman, hence the "morphing" aspect.


Five talismans that are not wanted can be be recycled for a single talisman that has the potential to contain a new rare effect, dependent on the quality of the selected talismans.


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