Deliver papers within the time limit! Stasis Field throwing is the key to a high score.
— Challenge description 

Newspaper Delivery II is the first of two newspaper challenges in Gravity Rush 2.

You can play this challenge along with its successor once the side mission, Something This Way Flies, is completed.

Overview Edit

Like the side mission that unlocks this challenge, your job is to use Stasis Throw to deliver newspapers to customers within the assigned time goals. Your assigned area is along a series of apartment complexes in West Lei Colmosna, and you have 46 newspapers to deliver.

Targets & Rewards Edit

Medal Target Times Rewards
Gold 1:15:00 200 gems, "Perfect Delivery" talisman
Silver 1:35:00 100 gems
Bronze 2:00:00 50 gems
Total ========== 350 gems, 1 Talisman

Strategy Edit

Recommended upgrades:

  • None needed

You won't need any upgrades for this challenge. There is also a lot of verticality here, as your targets are placed along building exteriors. First, shift onto the building in front of you and Gravity Slide your way to the top floor, then turn to your right to find the next set of targets on the curved apartment complex. Slide across this building to make your deliveries faster, but this method is somewhat trickier due to undulating surface you are sliding across taking control away from you.

When you leave for the next target, you can actually throw the newspapers from a distance quite comfortably and quickly if you're accurate with your shots. The final destination is the tall apartment block on your right; starting from the bottom on the left side, slide up the building and jump over any protruding balconies in your path. Once you reach the top floor, pull a U-turn and slide down on the other side, jumping over the balcony on your way down.

Control of the Gravity Slide is the key to success in this challenge.

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