New Challenger is a miscellaneous trophy obtained in both versions of Gravity Rush.

DISCLAIMER: This page is about the trophy from Gravity Rush, and not to be confused with the trophy of the same name in Gravity Rush 2.

How to unlock Edit

Main article: Challenge Missions (Gravity Rush)

The means of unlocking this trophy is dead simple: just clear any one of the challenge missions in the game. Challenge missions are typically unlocked by restarting some of the town's downed facilities. Once unlocked, they are available to play any time you wish; just get a bronze medal in one of them to unlock the trophy.

Additional Information Edit

This trophy carries a bronze rating, and is the first one players will unlock that is related to the game's challenge missions. Players will likely get this trophy when they play the very first challenge mission that becomes available upon finishing the second episode, "Shadows Over the City".

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