Nala is a minor character in Gravity Rush. She is also one of the two people who make up the Mysterious Couple, whom act as a collectible that the player can encounter throughout the game.


Nala is Singlor's wife. She loves Singlor deeply but did think about leaving him, since he would spend most of his time at the lab and not be with her as often. Her husband began working on an experiment at some-point, but things went horribly wrong; gravitational energy was released, and it sent them both into a different space-time dimension. After the accident, she wandered the city and world alone while looking for her husband, but not a single person could see her, except Kat. Aside from their second meeting from what it seemed, she was not able hear or talk to Nala until their last encounter. Knowing that, Nala would still tell her stories to Kat aloud. She told her of a man who climbed the pillar and was treated like a honored guest for many moons, a different world with its own world pillar, and how she met a girl like Kat who wore a robe and looked like a princess. Nala confessed to Kat in their last interaction that she was the cause of the accident, because she tampered with the machine used in the experiment. She was reassured after Kat told her that Singlor was ok.

Nala is seen together with her husband, Singlor, during the last comic panel of the Another Story - Raven's Choice DLC; however, they never interact with Kat. How she and her husband were saved specifically is unknown.


  • It is possible that Raven's actions when she overwrote history is what saved Nala and her husband, Singlor.
  • Unlike Nala, Kat was able to hear, see, remember, and talk to Singlor in all of their interactions.
  • Nala's encounters with Kat are not all part of one big conversation, as it is with Singlor.


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