Mining Site No.4 is the first mining site seen in Gravity Rush 2, and it is only visited during the prologue.


Miners from Banga were stationed to work here and gather ore. While under the persona of Miner #101, whom was Kat, and Miner #99, whom was Syd, they were tasked to worked Zone 2, Block 3 for ore. Upon their way to the work-site, a gravity storm strong enough to call off the entire operation, and claimed by Kat to be just like the one that appeared at Neu Hiraleon, appeared; however, Kat and Syd ignored the excavation order in the hopes of bringing ore back so that they would get their food supply and not starve anymore. The gravity storm busted the pressure seals on their grav-suits, which resulted in them ditching the suits. Knowing they would not last long without their grav-suits, they attempted to escape the mining site. After a large debris separated the path back to drop off and pick up point, they were stopped by a dead end, though Lisa appeared with her airbike and managed to save them.


This mining site is very similar, if not identical, to Mining Site 0 in terms of aesthetics and overall layout. Because of plot reasons however, there isn't much to do in the way of actual gameplay; the player won't be able to explore the mining site, though rotation of the camera will allow players a good look at what is presented.

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