Mining Site No.13 is the third mining site featured in Gravity Rush 2, and the only one in the game that isn't story related.


During the side mission "Fly Me to the Storm" Misai wanted to survey a mining site so that Banga could anticipate the the ore capacity before mining there. He asked Kat if she would be interested in helping as he figured with her special abilities that they could handle it without a group. Once they entered the mining site, and after clearing a group of Nevi in the designated area, they both begin mining for ore samples. After clearing out Nevi and gathering more samples at other islands, they head back to Banga and Misai leaves the report with Cecie, as Lisa was not available at the time.

It is also used for several layers in the Delvool Trench Mine.


No.13 appears to be a fleet of floating ruins, though what they are ruins of is unknown. While the other rift planes have a larger degree of linearity to them, No.13 is more open in design compared to the others. The background takes on a turquoise hue.