For the Mining Site seen during the prologue, see Mining Site No.4

Mining Site No.0 is the second story-related mining site featured in Gravity Rush 2. It is the first mining site Kat visited after she recovered her gravity shifting powers, and she came here to continue doing her part in Banga by helping mine more ore.


Mining Site No.0 is visited by multiple miners, including Misai and Kat. As with the other mining sites they have been to, they visited Mining Site No.0 in search of rich ore deposits to mine and trade.

While at the mining site, Kat's recently restored gravity shifting abilities made mining a much more efficient job since she didn't require a pressurized grav-suit. Her powers not only made her job easier, but they also benefited the other workers too, as demonstrated when she helped two miners easily break a tough ore deposit with a few normal kicks that two mining tools could not. Her ability to shift also gave her easy access to other far-off islands with ore that the miners could not reach. Her proficiency as a gravity shifter played a particularly important role in fighting against the Nevi that were encountered deeper in the mining site; when they attacked the miners, Kat saved effortlessly saved them—including Misai—from their assailants.

Geography Edit

This mining site is darkly lit, and features many small islets covering a fairly large area. They appear to be somewhat reminiscent of ancient, worn down architecture. How far they date back to is unclear. Given the types of ruins that lie all around the site, is it possible that human colonies once occupied this land before falling into ruin.

The overall layout is nearly identical to Mining Site No.4, which seemed to be a much smaller site compared to Site 0.