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Banga Mining Ship (anterior).

Mining Ship, also known as Banga Mining Boat, is a large airship used by the miners in Banga during Gravity Rush 2. It is primarily used to send miners to mining sites.


The mining ship was first seen during the prologue of Gravity Rush 2; it had deployed a group of miners through a gravity storm leading to Mining Site No.4, where they were stationed to mine for ore. Under the name, Miner #101, Kat was the last miner deployed from the mining ship in order to help the people of Banga acquire ore. It was later piloted back to Banga by Lisa, after she rescued Kat and Syd from the mining site.

The mining ship was used again to access a different mining site when Banga made preparations to mine for more ore. After the haul of ore, it brought the miners back to Banga.

During Episode 3: Trial and Passage, it was then used to bring Kat to the gravity storm containing the Forbidden Land so that she could gather the rumored rich ore deposit there, which Banga needed to pay off Vogo. After completing this story mission, a side mission titled "Fly Me to the Storm" becomes available, in which Misai is interested in Kat's help to survey a mining site for its ore reserve. After completing this side mission, Kat could talk to Misai over at the mining ship to access the previous three mining sites throughout the course of the game—during the Banga Settlement Chapter and the following Jirga Para Lhao chapter. The mining ship was also featured as an area containing target dummies during the target game Kat and Vogo played in Episode 4: A Dog Without a Collar.

Setting off to Jirga Para Lhao, the mining ship, along with the rest of the Banga fleet, was seen heading to the port city where it would be stationed for the entirety of the Jirga Para Lhao chapter.

Later on, Lisa used the mining ship to approach Dolwa Hiraleon, where it was used to gather the hostages held captive in cells by the Council, whom Kat and Raven would eventually rescue. After the last hostages—Syd and Cecie—were rescued, the Bismalia fired a massive bullet, grazing the ship but also doing enough damage for it to need repairs.

Not too long after, the mining ship was used again during Episode 11: The Crowd, wherein Lisa used it to rescue the civilians of Lei Havina from the terrorizing Lost City, which was the last prominent role it played in the story.