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Special Forces costume screen

The Military DLC costume.

The Military Costume Pack is one of three DLC's available for Gravity Rush. It costs $3.99 in the North American Playstation Store to download. The DLC adds a new costume for Kat to wear, along with four new missions and eight new trophies for the player to collect. It has received near perfect reviews on PSN.

Mission WalkthroughsEdit

The Phantom of Bravery The Rules of War

Challenge WalkthroughEdit

Endestria Energy Race II Rift Plane Sliding Race


Please refer to the full trophy list here for a complete list of the trophies in this DLC pack.


  • This is Permet's only appearance in the first game. She is the Jellyfish Squadron's bridge commander.
  • In PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, the "Sea Kat" costume is one of Kat's selectable outfits.
  • Since Yunica addresses Kat by her military name " Sea Cat" in Gravity Rush 2, it is implied that Kat's military adventures is this DLC is in fact canon. Further enforced by Permet being elevated to an important character whom Kat recognises in the sequel.
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