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Micro Black Hole is the third special attack used by Kat in Gravity Rush and Gravity Rush 2.


Gravity Rush[]

The Micro Black Hole special move forms a small black hole that engulfs Kat, and unleashes a series of destructive energy pulses. This attack repeatedly strikes any medium and large enemies within range of the attack, while smaller enemies are sucked in and removed from the realm of existence. The attack lasts longer and becomes more damaging the more it is upgraded. Kat can also move around while the black hole is active, albeit very slowly.

It is activated by pulling back on the Left Stick and pressing the triangle button.

Gravity Rush 2[]

This time around, the Micro Black Hole has a much larger range of attack, and destroys everything caught within its range in one go, almost like a screen nuke. Larger and stronger enemies may survive the attack, but will take severe damage nonetheless; the more it is upgraded, the larger the radius, and the greater the damage becomes. When fully maxed out with upgrades, the attack has the secondary effect of healing Kat from damage depending on how many enemies are consumed by the black hole, as well as the type of enemies, too.

It is activated simply by pressing triangle while in Jupiter mode.


In Gravity Rush, Kat obtains this move from the final Power Tree she stumbles across in the Mirage Plain in the tenth episode, Curiosity Killed the Cat, in which she is guided by Gade to recover the final missing piece of Hekseville.

In Gravity Rush 2, Kat finds the Jupiter Style artefact inside the Lost City (what was once Neu Hiraleon) during the events of the game's twelfth episode, Black Eagle. The Micro Black Hole is tied to this power.


  • In both games, the Micro Black Hole is obtained within one or two episodes of their halfway point, and is the last special attack that Kat acquires if transformations are not counted as special moves.
  • A less powerful version of the Micro Black Hole is used in PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale as one of Kat's Circle attacks. It is activated by pulling back on the Left Stick and pressing the Circle button, just like in her home game.