This is a picture location guide for the manholes featured in Gravity Rush. They are found in all four districts of Hekseville, and there are a grand total of 13 manholes.

Manholes are activated by walking over them to which a text—"I think this manhole leads back home!"—and sound notification and icon appear simultaneously after so.

Discovering manholes is also related to a silver trophy titled "Sewer Aficionado", which can be obtained from discovering all 13 of them.



Fountain PlazaEdit

Fountain Plaza

Fountain Plaza.

Kat's Memo: A manhole in the Auldnoir Fountain Square. This is where I helped gather gems.

Supply DepotEdit

Supply Depot

Supply Depot.

Kat's Memo: A manhole out by the storage area. This is where I first met Officer Syd!

Karuwari ChurchEdit

Karuwari Church

Karuwari Church.

Kat's Memo: A manhole on the island with the Karuwari Church where the sacred gem heist took place. This manhole's good for easy access to the far side of Auldnoir.


Hotel FauxneuEdit

Hotel Fauxneu

Hotel Fauxneu.

Kat's Memo: A manhole right in front of the Hotel Fauxneu, famous for its Ferris wheel, in the part of Pleajeune I rescued from the rift plane.

Goddess StatueEdit

Goddess Statue

Goddess Statue.

Kat's Memo: A manhole down at the bottom of the stairs leading into Pleajeune, right by the statue of the goddess holding up the burning fire of passion that symbolizes the district.

Headmaster StatueEdit

Headmaster Statue

Headmaster Statue.

Kat's Memo: A manhole right outside Arquebus Academy and the statue of the school headmaster pointing at something in the distance with his left hand.


New Stormshield TowerEdit

New Stormshield Tower

New Stormshield Tower.

Kat's Memo: A manhole on the Endestria pier close to the New Stormshield Tower, which is due to come online in a year.

Energy PlantEdit

Energy Plant

Energy Plant.

Kat's Memo: A manhole at the base of the titled elevator near all the storage tanks in the energy plant.

Airship Fueling DockEdit

Airship Fueling Dock

Airship Fueling Dock

Kat's Memo: A manhole on the bridge close to the fueling dock for the airboat liners and the centrally located Stormshield Tower.


Loop Line Station #1Edit

Loop Line Station -1

Loop Line Station #1.

Kat's Memo: A manhole in the plaza at the bottom of the ropeway outside of loop line station #1. It's near the building with the giant TV monitor.

Freedom SquareEdit

Freedom Square

Freedom Square.

Kat's Memo: A manhole opening right up into Freedom Square, near the base of the clock tower in Vendecentre.

Skyscraper ValleyEdit

Skyscraper Valley

Skyscraper Valley.

Kat's Memo: A manhole located in the middle of all the skyscrapers, near the monument.

Loop Line Station #3Edit

Loop Line Station -3

Loop Line Station #3.

Kat's Memo: A manhole in the plaza at the top of the stairs leading out of loop line station #3.