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The Maid costume.

Maid Costume Pack is one of three costume packs available on the PlayStation Network, priced at $3.99. This pack adds a new costume for Kat to wear, along with two side missions, two new challenge missions, and eight new trophies for the player to collect.

The side missions revolve around Kat becoming a maid for Melda in order to earn money to pay back Aujean for 'destroying' his home.


The Diary of a Maid The Madam and the Shifter

Challenge missions

Rift Plane Unlimited Power Attack Auldnoir Free Race II
It is highly recommended you wait until your specials are fully upgraded to get the most from this challenge. As the name suggests, you have unlimited use of your special moves for this challenge. Use the Micro Black Hole for grounded enemies, Spiraling Claw for close range airborne enemies, and Gravity Typhoon for long range engagement. The course layout for this challenge will require frequent and intricate use of the Gravity Slide technique to achieve the gold medal. Use the Slide Jump to seamlessly avoid obstacles and for quick and easy traversal between rooftops if needed.


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There are trophies for completing the side missions and challenge missions, obtaining the maid costume, and performing well in the challenge missions. Each expansion has 8 trophies apiece, each containing 5 bronze, 3 silver.

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