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Maid Costume Pack is one of three costume packs available on the PlayStation Network, priced at $3.99 (£3.29 in Britain). This pack adds a new costume for Kat to wear, along with two side missions, two new challenge missions, and eight new trophies for the player to unlock.


Main article: The Diary of a Maid

With Aujean and his son Eugie still holding a grudge against her for destroying their home (by accident), Kat is forced to get a job to repay them for the damages. She finds work as a maid for a wealthy, yet cranky woman named Melda. Kat finds herself performing menial tasks, and soon finds herself interested in the husband's manuscript.

Main article: The Madam and the Shifter

As Kat arrives for work the next day, she is quickly dismissed by her boss, who is in an extremely foul mood. Aujean arrives at the house to inform Kat about a rumour that Melda had offed her own husband; despite her skepticism, Kat decides to tail her employer across town, unsure of what she's getting herself involved in.


This DLC adds two new challenge missions; those being Rift Plane Unlimited Power Attack and Auldnoir Free Race II. Check out their respective pages for more details about them.


Main article: Gravity Rush trophies

There are trophies for completing the side missions and challenge missions, obtaining the maid costume, and performing well in the challenge missions. Each expansion has 8 trophies apiece, each containing 5 bronze, 3 silver.

2 of them are unlocked by finishing the story missions, 2 for completing the challenges, 2 for getting gold medals in said challenges, 1 for obtaining the supplied costumes, and 1 for completing the DLC entirely. They are not, however, required for the game's Platinum trophy.