Lost in Time and Space is a miscellaneous PlayStation trophy that can be unlocked in Gravity Rush.

How to unlock Edit

To unlock this trophy, players must find and talk to both Singlor and Nala, the mysterious couple, eight times each. These two characters appear in the world in each borough, rift plane, and Boutoume.

They often appear in strange places, so it is always worth combing each area for them. When you find them, go up and talk to them to hear their story. The trophy will be collected after speaking to either Singlor or Nala for the last time.

Additional Information Edit

Main article: Mysterious Couple Locations

This trophy has a silver rating. This is one of the few trophies in the game that is solely based on exploration, and it is always available, given that Boutoume and the Rift Planes can eventually be revisited. A guide on the various locations of Singlor and Nala can be found in the main article link above. It should be noted that even after getting this trophy, nothing else comes from their story in terms of narrative interaction even going into Gravity Rush 2.

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